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Harmony Fields is a social enterprise offshoot of registered charity Glendrick Roost Animal Welfare Centre.  We exist to give people easy access to nature and rescued animals, and all of the benefits that can bring, especially mental health in these crazy times we are living in!  We are a place of peace, tranquillity and healing, where all are welcome, with no judgement or expectation. 

All of the animals on site are rescued, and now have a safe home for life with us. They all have a story and have experienced some kind of trauma. Because of this we have to make it clear that at no time during your visit will the animals ever be forced to interact with you, and contact is not guaranteed, they are souls with emotions and free will, and any contact you are lucky enough to have with them will be their choice!

💜 We are NOT a petting zoo or a farm park, we are a sanctuary, for people as well as for animals. 💜

All of our sessions have an element of mindfulness (being in the moment) at their heart.  We will show you how simple observation and sitting quietly with the animals can be one of the most grounding and relaxing experiences you can have, and the joy you experience when a previously abused animal trusts you enough to CHOOSE to connect is something truly magical! We let the animals lead and show us the way!