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In 1992, mother-daughter team Mione & Cath Morrison founded registered charity Glendrick Roost Animal Welfare Centre, a "Home for Life" refuge for over 160 abandoned and abused animals.

Knowing first-hand the benefits that animals can have on mental health and mood, the dream was to create a sanctuary where both people and animals could find tranquility and respite. 

In 2017, Cath and her partner Ronnie set up and launched Harmony Fields, which opened its doors on a picturesque hillside near Balfron. Their goal: giving everyone the opportunity to experience the same connection with nature and inner peace they had experienced over three decades thanks to these magical animals!

Then in 2022, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place when we finally bought our very own forever home...5 acres of beautiful fields with perfect stream near our home village of Buchlyvie!  Moving forward, we will be working with luxury eco wellbeing retreat Rachel's Farm, providing peaceful connection opportunities and holistic wellbeing time in nature with our wonderful animals!




We believe nature shouldn't be experienced from afar, so we pride ourselves on giving our visitors, young and old, a unique hands-on opportunity to interact, connect and learn about each animal's personality and special quirks.

Unlike zoos and other sanctuaries, all our daily visitor slots are capped to avoid overwhelming the animals and ensure a more intimate experience for your family. We put connection before profit, using 100% of the funds from your visit to rescue more animals from cruelty and suffering, as well as to improve the habitats and facilities for our existing rescues and for visitors.

Our team and our animals can't wait to meet you!

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